Cartagena Grace


Cartagena Grace


South American splendor, Caribbean soul, and unfaltering pride, Cartagena has a spirit wholly its own. This Colombian treasure boasts numerous, can’t-miss landmarks including the pastel Teatro Adolfo Mejia, the Clock Tower, and the church of San Pedro Claver. Explore the walled Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Dating to the 16th century, and full of cobblestone alleyways, bougainvillea and orange-yellow facades. But true spirit of the city is found in the quiet daily moments. Join the quaint scenes and extraordinary vistas that make Cartagena a trove of wonders. Cartagena Grace reveals a city of celebration, capturing the city’s vibrant flair and breathtaking architecture; a rich portrait of this lively destination.

Product Details

312 pages. Over 200 illustrations. English language. Released in December 2022.

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Keep in a cool, dry place. Handle these pages with care.

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9.8" W x 12.99" L x 1.4" D

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