Aquamarine Earrings

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Aquamarine Earrings


Inspired by the aquamarine ring Meghan Markle wore to her wedding reception—and that once belonged to Princess Diana—these earrings by Casuarina Jewelry are just as eye-catching and would be a beautiful “something blue” accessory on a bride. Surrounded by sapphires and diamonds, the 18k white gold aquamarine stone is 7/16″  tall and 3/8″  wide, and the total earring measures 5/8″  tall and 9/16″  wide.


The aquamarine stone is approximately 7.4 carats; 16 sapphires weigh approximately 2.5 carats; and 16 diamonds weigh approximately .4 carats. Please note measurements are approximate as each earring is custom made and may vary slightly.