Italian Chic


Italian Chic


Daria Reina and Andrea Ferolla, sensitive and often nostalgic lovers of their Italian homeland, take readers on an insider's tour. We go off the main roads traversed by tourists and onto hidden side streets, or off the grid altogether, to locales bursting with the quintessential details that define timeless Italian style. See the Sassi cave dwellings etched into the mountainside of Matera; admire the red-orange walls characteristic of the Emilia-Romagna region; and examine the carved birds at Sorrento’s Grand Hotel Ambasciatori. Reina and Ferolla invite readers to discover the special moments and places that reveal an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most treasured destinations, and Ferolla’s classical illustrations add another level of personality to the journey. Be prepared to fall in love with all things Italian, in style.

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6 pounds. 264 pages. 350 illustrations. English language. Released in July 2018. 

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Keep in a cool, dry place. Handle these pages with care.

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9.8" W x 12.99" L x 1.41" D

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