Notting Hill Lampshade 18" in Bubble Pink

Melodi Horne

Notting Hill Lampshade 18" in Bubble Pink


The Notting Hill lampshade range has been created in order to introduce a rustic, shabby chic feel to the collection. Wonderful for a country house or a holiday villa. The outer linen of this lampshade is made out of gathered hessian coupled with an Irish linen lining. One can choose any color linen lining from our linens range in order to complement this rustic hessian lampshade. We offer our clients the option to co-create their perfect hessian lampshade by requesting their preferred color of linen lining.

Product Details

Gathered hessian. Lining made with Irish linen. Handmade in the U.K. 

Care Instructions

Keep out of direct sunlight as the fabric color can fade. Keep away from water or other liquid substances as water/liquid can cause water stains and color runs. A light hoovering or dusting can ensure to keep one’s lampshade clean and dust-free.

Size & Fit

Large: 18” Base x 12” Top ring x 12” H

Shipping Details

Please allow 3-5 weeks for standard delivery shipping.

Return Policy

Custom items cannot be returned.