Ashanti Fertility Doll II

St. Frank

Ashanti Fertility Doll II


This wooden fertility doll is inspired by a traditional Ashanti Akua'ba doll, originating from southern Ghana. The legend speaks of Akua, an Ashanti woman who sought the help of local spiritual leaders to help her fertility. They commissioned her a doll, and the woman cared for it as her own and soon became pregnant. The tale inspired the use of the dolls to bring fertility, health, and happiness, and a safe delivery to women.

Product Details

Hand-carved from wood. No two pieces are ever exactly the same. Color varies across monitors. Handmade in Southern Ghana.

Care Instructions

Keep away from liquids and solvents. Lightly dust when needed.

Size & Fit

6.5" W, 2" DIA, 17.5" H 

Shipping Details 

Please allow 2-7 business days for standard delivery shipping.

Return Policy 

This item is available for return within 15 days of receipt.