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OTM Exclusive: Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey Jaipur Print Large Mirror


Fleur Home's founder Natalie Erwin showed artist Riley Sheehey the inspiration images for her newest mirror collection: a dress from Botticelli’s Primavera and an antique, botanical painting of auricula flowers—and, Riley knew immediately that they'd be a perfect match for this collaboration. The Jaipur Print Large Mirror features whimsical hand-painted floral illustrations on its rounded, portal shape and is part of the Limited Edition Garden District Collection.

Product Details

D ring hardware. Pigment and stain on wood. Produced from an original Riley Sheehey painting. 

Care Instructions

Mirrors are designed to be hung by a professional, usually by wire. Please note that incorrect hanging can result in damage to the mirror or the wall. (Fleur Home and Over The Moon are not responsible for damage due to incorrect hanging.)

Size & Fit

Mirror: 20" - 23.5" W (Shorter length refers to scalloped edge to scalloped edge. Longer length refers to non-scalloped edge to non-scalloped edge.) x 63.25" H

Mirror with Frame: 43" W x 84" H

Shipping Details

Please allow 4 weeks for standard delivery.

Return Policy

This item is final sale and not available for return.

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