FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5


FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5


Much more than just a blender, a Vitamix could be the most versatile tool in your kitchen. Designed to break down any ingredient—from fibrous greens to frozen strawberries to nuts—into textures ranging from course to perfectly smooth, Vitamix machines are built to last longer than an average blender, deliver consistent performance, and self-clean in just 60 seconds—no disassembly required. The FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5 makes it easy for anyone make a positive environmental impact. It’s an effortless alternative to composting, and it reduces the volume of food waste by up to 90%. Food scraps and uneaten leftovers that would otherwise end up in a landfill are broken down into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be mixed right into your garden soil. An eco-clean device for any kitchen.

Product Details

FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5, 5-liter bucket andlLid, refillable filter, carbon refill.

Care Instructions

Clean with soap and water. Follow instructions that arrive with Vitamix.

Size & Fit

13.5" x 10.9" x 13.8"

Shipping Details

Please allow 5-7 days for standard delivery.

Return Policy

This item is available for return within 15 days of receipt.

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