“Carpe Diem” Box


“Carpe Diem” Box


"Seize the day" thanks to this Latin-inspired trinket box that's perfect for gift giving or holding spare change. MATCH pewter—a valuable metal composed of tin, copper, and antimony—is handmade by artisans in Northern Italy. Its classic forms harmonize with both traditional and modern settings. Each piece is made with an alloy that is food safe lead-free, FDA approved and requires very little care. Every piece of Match pewter is marked with the manufacturer's "M" hallmark as well the mark of tin content "95." 

Product Details

Pewter. Lead-free and completely food safe. Handmade in northern Italy. 

Care Instructions 

To clean, hand wash in warm water with liquid dish soap. Dry completely, as water allowed to dry on pewter may cause spots. Any spots that appear can be removed by polishing. 

Size & Fit

4.5" L x 3.1" W x 1.2" H

Shipping Details

Please allow 5-7 days for standard delivery.

Return Policy

This item is available for return within 15 days of receipt.