OTM Exclusive: Maria Short Dress
OTM Exclusive

Mi Golondrina

OTM Exclusive: Maria Short Dress


Inspired by her mother’s Mexican heritage and love of Mexican art, Mi Golandrina founder Christina Lynch wanted to continue telling the rich cultural story of her country by empowering local artisans to create garments using techniques indigenous to their community—whether that’s weaving on a backstrap loom, hand-pulling thread to create cut-out lace, or embroidering flowers from memory. Each piece in the collection is a true representation of the the identity and culture of the people who made them. The OTM Exclusive Marta Short Dress features stunning delicate hand pulled lace, crafted by the artisans in Aguacatenango. A short relaxed body and feminine puff sleeve make this piece beautifully effortless dress to dress up or down.  

Product Details

Cotton. Made in Aguacatenango, a small community that borders the famous ceramic-producing village of Ametenango del Valle in Chiapas. Aguacatenango is particularly known for its embroidered blouses using traditional floral motifs that mirror the flora and fauna of Chiapas which are traditionally worn by the women in the village. 

Care Instructions

Dry-clean only. 

Size & Fit

This item runs true to size. If you are a C cup or above, we recommend sizing up. 

Shipping Details

Please allow 5-7 days for standard delivery.

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